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Last Man Standing Competition

posted 31 Jan 2014, 07:44 by Vincent Hayes

The club is running a new fundraiser, it is called the “Last Man Standing” and is based on the Division 1 of the National Football League and should be really good fun. The idea is that you pick ONE team to win the first round of the NFL, if that teams wins you have to do the same for the next round and so on but you cannot use the same team that you picked in any previous round. Whenever your selection is beaten you are finished…but whoever is the Last Man or Woman Standing in the competition gets the cash prize.

To enter go to  and enter your name, e-mail address and pick any new password, tick the option to confirm that you are over eighteen and enter the security code. You should now have a username for the website, now go to which is the Kilbrin GAA NFL competition pick your team and “Submit your selection”, the system will then ask you to pay your entry fee using a debit or credit card.

If you have any difficulty or cannot get on-line then there are also paper entry forms in Kilbrin Social Club, you can fill out all the same information and leave the entry form and €10 behind the bar and I’ll get it setup for you.

ENTRY CLOSES at 6 pm on Saturday the 1st, Paper Entry closes at 4 pm on the same day.