Centra Rota

Neil Cronin Donal Sheahan
Donal Breen John Sheahan
David O'Sullivan (K) Neilus O' Reilly
Paddy McMahon Micheál Sheahan
Eoin Sheahan Brendan Barrett
Garreth Lenihan John Hourigan
Donal Lyons Shane Crowley
Paudie O'Callaghan Tomás O'Riordan
Noel O'Callaghan Sean McAuliffe
Kieran O' Sullivan Paul Aherne
Pat Breen Geoffrey O'Callaghan
Evan Murphy Niall Field
Philip Keohane Donagh O'Riordan
Margaret O'Callaghan Liam Daly
Sean Fitzgerald Billy Daly
Daniel O'Sullivan Jim Power
Stephen O'Reilly (snr) John Sheahan
Shane Fitzgerald Gavin King
Stephen O'Reilly (jnr) Bobby Power
Tom Duane Daniel Sheahan
Kieran Sheahan Mickie Dennehy
Donie O'Mahony Wesley Corkery
Dan O'Connor Ivan O'Sullivan
Tony McMahon Shane O'Riordan
Thos Mullane Brendan O'Mahony
David O'Sullivan (B) Jordan Corkery
Darren Daly Vinnie Hayes
Donal O'Mahony  

Captains please note that you must collect the Table, Signs, Box with envelopes and pens in the Clubhouse on Sat before your Centra Shift.          

If low on tickets please call to Tom O'Reilly for some.

Ensure that the jackpot is correct on the signs, see sign on outside of Clubhouse for Jackpot figure. Change with WHITEBOARD MARKER.

Return Table & Chairs etc to Clubhouse after your shift and drop the money and tickets to Tom O'Reilly.             

If there is a problem with filling your roster please try and swap with another team.             

All Slots MUST be filled. Any problem Contact Margaret O'Callaghan 087 2741624 or Shane O'Riordan 087 2571470.

Billy Daly Paudie O' Callaghan
21-Dec-14 11-Jan-15
19-Apr-15 03-May-15
09-Aug-15 23-Aug-15
29-Nov-15 13-Dec-15
03-Apr-16 17-Apr-16
24-Jul-16 07-Aug-16
13-Nov-16 27-Nov-16
19-Mar-17 02-Apr-17
Tomás O'Riordan Donie O'Mahony
25-Jan-15 08-Feb-15
17-May-15 31-May-15
06-Sep-15 20-Sep-15
10-Jan-16 24-Jan-16
01-May-16 15-May-16
21-Aug-16 04-Sep-16
11-Dec-16 08-Jan-17
16-Apr-17 30-Apr-17
Wesley Corkery Neil Cronin
22-Feb-15 08-Mar-15
14-Jun-15 28-Jun-15
04-Oct-15 18-Oct-15
07-Feb-16 21-Feb-16
29-May-16 12-Jun-16
18-Sep-16 02-Oct-16
22-Jan-17 05-Feb-17
14-May-17 28-May-17
Donal Sheahan Sean Fitzgerald
22-Mar-15 05-Apr-15
12-Jul-15 26-Jul-15
01-Nov-15 15-Nov-15
06-Mar-16 20-Mar-16
26-Jun-16 10-Jul-16
16-Oct-16 30-Oct-16
19-Feb-17 05-Mar-17
11-Jun-17 25-Jun-17